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 ©2016 Angela J. Townsend photo credit 

Angela J. Townsend is a filmmaker and a traditionally published, award-winning author. She is a member of the Author's Guild in NYC and many other notable organizations. Angela is represented by the former Vice President of Paramount pictures, M. Kenneth Suddleson. She has a motion picture, the Forlorned® based on one of her books, and many others coming soon. 

In 2018 Angela won a notable trademark lawsuit over her book title, The Forlorned®. The person who sued Angela is a convicted child sex offender who had filed dozens of malicious and frivolous lawsuits against other innocent parties. The case ended up in the US Supreme Court, and winning freed Angela from years of harassment from what the press is calling "Trademark Trolls." 

Angela wants you to know: If you or someone you love is being stalked, sued, and or harassed, please get professional help. Stalking can be deadly--often victims feel alone. Angela recently formed Authors Unite Against Bullies. She hopes to help others who are being bullied and victims of frivolous lawsuits. To learn more please visit her blog.